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Selecting the wedding venue is not in an easy task. You need to take various decisions before shortlisting the venue. The entire wedding planning process is complicated and it is not recommended to take it lightly. At present, you have a lot of options and resources to shortlist, but still, you need to see whether the wedding venue remains up to your expectations with right d├ęcor, attire, environment, facilities and much more.

Some people would have a dream to organize their wedding in a grand manner in a comfortable AC best Kalyana mahal. In such a case, you have to research a bit extra, seek suggestions and also ask certain questions when shortlisting the wedding venue. We have shared information about the aesthetics and styles of various wedding venues, helpful suggestions from professionals on how to select the wedding venue.

Tips to organize your wedding in an AC best Kalyana mahal

Select a location:

Most couples prefer to organize wedding parties within their residing city. However, there are a lot of options to organize your wedding. Once you finalize the wedding destination, you can start to shortlist the venues that are suitable for your requirement. If you have plans for a destination wedding, then you need to be clear about the place you wish to get married. It is best to finalize on the starting stage itself since it is hard to proceed without knowing the destination name.

Set the budget:

It is important to fix the budget before starting other preparations. You should know how much you could spend to organize a grand wedding event. It is best to fix a budget for the entire wedding and also for the venue. Remember, the catering, wedding venue and decoration prices would almost cover half of the budget. These are the major expenses you would be facing when organizing the function. If you want a luxurious and grand venue, you have to be financially well prepared to spend and organize the event.

Find the guest count:

It is the next important point to consider when shortlisting the wedding venue. You should have an idea of how many guests to invite for the reception and for the wedding. It does not mean that you should plan and prepare for the exact guest count but a rough idea on how many members to invite. This way, you would not shortlist a very big or small venue. Some people will have a big list of guest but select a venue that accommodates only half the members. It is actually the wrong idea. You need to know the capacity of the venue before shortlisting. The list can be approximate.

Finalize the date:

It is best to decide the date first as you need to check whether the venue is available on that date. Some people would decide the date and then choose the venue that is available on that date. But, if you are living in cities where there are a limited number of venues, you need to decide as per the availability of venues. You cannot select your own date and expect for availability.

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